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I had a spinal fusion 15 years ago but still get pain in my low back. Justin has always been able to offer some relief, although it aches for a couple of hours after treatment before it settles down again. We have tried to extend the period between treatments but have settled on 6 weeks as the longest that I can manage. He has coaxed me to take up swimming which also helps.





Barry Chiropractic Clinic is based in Barry, South Wales.



I have seen Justin on a number of occasions for various aches and pains. He has always explained the problem and treated me appropriately. What I like is that there is no pressure on me to keep coming back time and time again, he treats me, gives me some advice and/or exercises and then says give me a call if it still bothers me after a week. More often I don’t until the next time.

I attended Barry Chiropractic Clinic with low back pain and during the consultation Justin notices a strange mole on my back. He told me to get it checked out by my GP and it turned out to be a skin cancer. Fortunately it was caught in time. Thank you Justin and the back got better too!

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