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‘Clicking of bones’ is a phrase that is often associated by the man in the street to describe the treatment offered by a chiropractor. In reality, manipulation is only one of the techniques used and depending on the nature of the problem, is just as likely, for example, that pressure applied by a thumb to a painful muscle or the placement of wedges under the pelvis may be used.

Most chiropractors tend to develop their own favoured treatment types based around courses they have attended, the skills that the practitioner possesses or the physical limitations imposed by the patient/clinician encounter.

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Justin mainly uses Sacro-occipital Technique which involves a mixture of manipulation and carefully placed wedges under the patient to produce the desired result. This is a simple way of describing quite a complex system of treatment, but there is plenty of information online or available from the clinic.

The word ‘Chiropractic’ comes from a combination of the Greek words Cheiro and Praktikis  meaning ‘done by hand’, so a patient should expect a hands on approach rather than a reliance on electrical devices which tend to have poor evidence of effect associated with them in the scientific literature.

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